It’s been twelve years. Twelve years since my doctor looked at me and said the words I’d hoped to hear: It’s a girl. — The emotion in the hospital room is palpable. Chad is beside me, my sister in the corner of the room, a dark haired, tiny baby is placed on my chest. There […]

Twelve Years

A few years ago, I spoke with someone who was all too quickly, for his liking, approaching the age of forty. He explained, You know, you get married, you get a job, you work to get better at your job, and you’re always looking forward to something. Then, you hit a certain age, and there […]

On Eighteen

The year is 2007. I remember it clearly. The evening of October 23rd. Charlie is jumping on the couch in our tiny living room. Just days shy of two years old, the warm glow of the lamp on the end table highlights his white-blonde locks as he flies through the air. He bounces and falls […]


I’m at home over Thanksgiving. Not my home, but my old home that I still call home, despite not having lived there for a couple of decades. The home where my Dad lives. We are cleaning out the basement for a remodeling project–my sister, Chad, our kids. We take loads out to the driveway and […]

A Story