Twenty-one years ago (yesterday) I married a boy. It rained in the pre-dawn hours of our wedding day. It’s good luck, they had said of the rain. Do I need luck? I wondered. By the time we arrived at the church for our early morning wedding, the suns rays had eliminated any sign of the […]

Twenty-One Years

I was 32 years old when I first tried it. Eleven years ago. I had two kids. I was working as a counselor. It wasn’t a New Year’s Resolution. In fact, rebel that I am, I began on December 29th. The picture is titled: Day1/365. The caption says: Giving the 365 a shot. Nervous and […]

Every Single Day

Last week, we are driving to school and I glance at you in the rearview mirror. I can’t believe you are almost ten, I say. Why? You ask. I don’t know, I say. Sometimes, you still feel new to me. ** You are not new, though. I mean, you are, but you are not. Ten […]

Ten Years of Meadow

Before you were born I heard a similar story from many mothers who had gone before me. The story went something like this: The instant you hear that baby cry, you will feel it–a kind of love you’ve never experienced before. Thinking about it now, I see the pressure in such statements. The assertion that, […]

A Letter To My Firstborn, Sixteen Years Later