Something came alive in me when I began taking pictures. It's nothing more than that, really. I love doing this and when I capture a messy, beautiful, lovely, tender, simple moment with my camera, I feel alive. 




Hi! I'm Summer. A few people call me Mama and a few others call me "Sumo", but most know me as Summer. 

A few years ago, I was working as a mental health counselor when my Mom suddenly passed away. Losing my Mom changed my life and sparked an urgency in me to remember the passing days. I began by documenting all of the big and small moments of our own family, which opened up the opportunity to capture the special moments in the lives of others. 

Life has taught me that we all have stories. I believe our stories are worth capturing and stories are worth telling. And while a picture is only a piece of a story, I have found that a simple image has the capacity to draw me back into a place and time and into feelings from long ago. For that reason, my camera is never far from my reach.

When not shooting, there is a good chance you will find me wearing running shoes and pounding the pavement on a long run, sitting on the sidelines of a soccer game, or buried under blankets with a good book.


I believe in telling stories. In capturing authentic images that will endure across time. I believe that the honesty of tears will always trump the perfection of posed. And I believe that when memories fade, the beauty of a simple, authentic image can stir our hearts and refill our memories with the stories of our life.


summer kellogg