It is always a treat to take the trek from our side of the evergreens over to the M’s side of the evergreens for a quick shoot.

These are my neighbors. In fact, we probably would not live here if Marie hadn’t ever-so-gently pointed us to the open lot beside them. I will be forever grateful to her for that. I will be ever grateful for this family welcoming us with open arms ten years ago.

The “M” Family

I met Candice when I first sat in her chair at the salon. Some may know I am in the process of growing my very short pixie cut into something that might be pulled back into a ponytail. When my stylist-friend who has been doing my hair for years took off for better things (her kids) I was a bit devestated wondering if I’d find anyone who could handle the mop on my head.

Taylor & Candice

The “B” Family is an extra special one. Through the years I’ve taken pictures of many of them. All of them? For some, I’ve been blessed to stand back and document their wedding days. For others, I’ve had their babies in front of my camera in the early days after coming home from the hospital. I am honored that this family has entrusted me with these special moments, but it is so much more than that.

The “B” Family