I met Candice when I first sat in her chair at the salon. Some may know I am in the process of growing my very short pixie cut into something that might be pulled back into a ponytail. When my stylist-friend who has been doing my hair for years took off for better things (her kids) I was a bit devestated wondering if I’d find anyone who could handle the mop on my head.

Taylor & Candice

The story of two kids who grew up in the same state, hours apart. The story about how those two kids grew up and made countless memories with their friends and families. Living separate lives. Separate cities. Separate schools. Separate colleges. The story of two people who made separate decisions to move from Ohio to Texas and start a life far away from all they had known. And somehow, in that big state, their paths crossed.

Cory & Katie Are Married

When I met up with Blake for our session, he greeted me with a warm smile and a firm handshake that made me like him immediately. I was quickly assured that he feels like most senior guys feel about senior portraits. In short, I’m doing this for my Mom and how quickly can we get this done?

Blake. Senior Class, 2023.

It was just days after Chanelle was born. Friends stopped by to visit and to meet our new little girl. They oohed and aahed at our new little bundle, while Charlie, who was not yet two, toddled around us. After a lovely visit, they were stepping outside into the darkness and the brisk cool air and one of them turned back, looked at the four of us and said, you have your boy and your girl. It’s perfect. Don’t mess with that.

Eleven Years of Meadow