It is always a treat to take the trek from our side of the evergreens over to the M’s side of the evergreens for a quick shoot.

These are my neighbors. In fact, we probably would not live here if Marie hadn’t ever-so-gently pointed us to the open lot beside them. I will be forever grateful to her for that. I will be ever grateful for this family welcoming us with open arms ten years ago.

The “M” Family

I’ve known this family for a very long time. They’ve been in front of my camera many times before—but that wasn’t the beginning.

Katy and I have known each other since elementary school. By the time we hit high school, we were just “Katy and Summer”. We ran together, hung out together, sang Bon Jovi really loud in the car while driving to the mall together, talked about boys together, went through break ups together, and well, we did it all.

The “K” Family