we believe in your legacy

We believe in legacies.
We believe in the importance of our stories.
We believe in telling our story today, so that it can be carried with us for all of our tomorrows.


our legacy is to help you Remember yours


01. our philosophy

Hi! I'm Summer. AKA "Mama", "Mommy", or "Sumo" (which will make sense once you meet me in person--or not at all.)

Six years ago I was working as a mental health therapist when my Mom suddenly passed away. Losing my Mom changed my life and sparked an urgency in me to remember the passing days. I began by documenting all of the big and little moments with our little ones, which grew into an opportunity to capture the special moments in the lives of others. 

I believe that our stories are worth recording. That the messy, uncurated moments are as important as the perfection of the curated moments. Our stories make us who we are. Love matters most. 

I am a small town girl with big city dreams. I live in Northeast Ohio with my partner in life and business, Chad, and our three toe-head little people.

When not shooting, there is a good chance you will find me wearing running shoes and pounding the pavement on a long run. Or in water boots, schlepping through creeks, while our little people collect critters. Or in slippers, binge watching shows like Dateline, 48 Hours, or Criminal Minds. (You know, uplifting stuff.)

Thank you for stopping by. We'd love to meet you!

the artist

Documenting the moments 

02. meet the team

03. stuff we love

We believe in the power of love and family. We believe that even though the days often move slow, the years move more quickly than our hearts can grasp. We believe that walking through life with those we call family is one of the greatest gifts this life can bring. And we believe that even as time passes and life may take us in varying directions, the roots of family run deep.

We believe that the messy, imperfect, and often chaotic life of family is extraordinary. And we believe that there is beauty in the unexpected.


We believe in telling stories. In capturing authentic images that will endure across time. We believe that the honesty of tears will alway trump the perfection of posed. And we believe that when memories fade, the beauty of a simple, authentic image can stir our hearts and refill our memories with the stories of our life. 



business Manager, second shooter

Maybe all the stars aligned and it just worked. Or maybe it was always meant to be. Or maybe, after fifteen years of marriage, 15 years of learning, 15 years of growing and 15 years of respect, we've learned, quite simply, we're better together.

Chad is, by nature, a planter. A grower. He makes things beautiful. For 25 years he has been a part of his family's landscaping business and has made a living leaving things more beautiful than he found them. Chad does the same in his role at Summer Kellogg Photography. Behind the scenes, Chad is the glue. My weaknesses are Chad's strengths and without his business knowledge, tech wisdom and relaxed vibe, I would be lost.

Fifteen years together have taught us that what began as an intense fiery flame of passion has, over time, grown into an eternal burning flame of committed, enduring love. Because we have known love, capturing the love stories of other just makes sense.

We are partners in life. In love. In parenting. And in business.

We are, in all respects, a team.

MEET The team



stuff we love





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We are passionate about documenting the life of our own family and, therefore, are passionate about documenting the life of others. We are so honored when we are invited into your life to capture a season that passes all too quickly. Do you have questions about our services? Please check out our FAQ's below.

the details

our services, your story.


As much as possible I like to shoot family pictures at your home. Home is a sacred place and a place where families often feel most comfortable. Shooting at your home allows children to relax in their own surroundings which allows me to capture more authentic images. These images can be taken in and/or outside of the home, allowing me to capture your family as you are everyday.


where will our family session take place?

My goal is to capture authentic images that are unique to the story of your family. If you are not comfortable shooting at your home, I would suggest a location that is special to your family and remains true to who your family is.Ultimately, connection is far more important that location.

what if we don't shoot at our home?




Of course! Please just hit the "Contact Us" form below and we will get back to you very soon!

i would like more info (pricing, other)

I understand that each family and senior is unique and may want to use their images in different ways. For that reason, I offer both prints and digital prints for my clients. 


My motto in clothing is this: simple goes a long way. I like to keep the focus on the subject, therefore, simple clothing choices are best for creating timeless portraits. I suggest clothing for each family member that has the same tone, not necessarily the same color. Please be wary of words and logos on your family's clothing, as well as really bright florescent colors. Clothing should compliment your family's look, not complicate it. 


I like to collaborate with seniors on the location of their pictures. Once a senior books, we will plan the session together based on the seniors individual desires for the portraits.

where will my senior picture be taken?





Hi There! Thank you for stopping by to chat with us about your wedding day! Chad and I are so excited to talk with you about this exciting time in your life! We will be in touch very soon!